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ACE High School Weekly Bulletin



10th – 12th graders, EOC Testing is this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!  Check in with your advisor or the counseling office to find out if you are on the list.

Global Guard Academy will begin this winter at the Matt Griffin YMCA. Participants earn a Y USA lifeguard certification over 9 weeks and have the option of earning school PE credit. The first session of Global Guard Academy is Friday, February 10. The program is available at no cost to all Tyee students! More information at seattleymca.org.

Application deadline: Friday, January 27.

This Year I Want To . . . we have some interesting goals and ambitions on our 500 building bulletin board.  Come over and add yours! 

Many new books in the library – fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and manga.

One of my favorites: “A Study in Charlotte” by Brittany Cavallaro

In this very slightly altered universe, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson were real people and Arthur Conan Doyle was merely their literary agent.  It is now the present day, and the great-great-great grandson of Dr. Watson – Jamie Watson, and the great-great-great granddaughter of Sherlock – Charlotte Holmes, end up at the same Connecticut boarding school.  Charlotte has a few of her ancestor’s faults, including drug use and emotional distance and a great many of his virtues – extraordinary intelligence, biting wit and detective skills among them.  The team pair up and the game is afoot.  I love Sherlock Holmes stories but this is also a great read even if you are not familiar with the originals.  

Library feature: Martin Luther King Jr. and Civil Rights
We have a special display of books featuring Martin Luther King Jr. and other heroes of the Civil Rights movements of the 60’s. In addition, MLK coloring pages, MLK picture books (easy to read during lunch!). Instagram trivia questions about MLK and Civil Rights – come to the library to answer and get a lollipop!

The YMCA will be leading SAT Prep sessions on Fridays in the Tyee Library from 12:30-1:30pm. The session series will include:
• General and section specific strategies
• Practice questions and explanations
• Setting up Khan Academy account and overview of resources
• A mock practice test before the actual SAT on campus
Students will need to fill out a YMCA registration packet, which can be picked up in the library after school.


Join us for a free night of Zumba, this Thursday, January 19th 5:30-6:30pm in the Tyee Cafeteria.  Bring friends and family!  Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and bring a bottle of water.  







Lunch (775)

Tyee Cycling
2:05-4:00 (423)

2:15-3:15 (Gym)

Nesian Legacy
2:15-4:00 (711)

2:30-3:30 (772)

Lunch (201)

Yearbook Club
2:15-3:00 (423)

Theater Club
2:15-3:30 (119)

2:30-4:45 (921)


Nat’l Honor Soc
2:15-3:15 (775)

2:15-3;15 (Gym)

Latinos Unidos
2:15-3:30 (782)

Filipino Group
2:30-3:30 (907)

Nesian Legacy
2:15-4:00 (711)

Game Club
2:30-4:45 (207)

5:00-6:30 (YMCA)


Girls Group
2:15-3:30 (605)


Choir Club
Lunch (111)

Lunch (P-8) 

Inspirational Group
Lunch (605)


YMCA AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM includes food and homework help!   
2:05-5:00pm in the library. Bus leaves @ 5:15pm                         
Fridays: 12:05-2:30pm.  Bus leaves @ 2:45pm


  • AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE (ASL): We will do fundraisers for the Holiday Bazaar, we will do the Buddy Walk, March for Babies and do Service Learning activities outside the school day. We will also take field trips and do culture days. (Bishop)
  • CHOIR CLUB: If you got vocals, come hang with the locals. Choir club is a place for students who want to sing. We will do some projects this year and plan to perform on campus and throughout the community. (Malcolm)
  • FILIPINO GROUP: In the spirit of bayanihan (collective community cooperation), we will build bridges and connect with our homeland and each other. Join us to learn about and celebrate Filipino culture and revolutionary history! Activities will include interactive workshops, singing, dancing, games, and of course eating! (Castillo, Ms. Karly, Ms. Pia)
  • GAME CLUB: We play a wide variety of games in the club. We play chess, card games, board games, video games, etc. (McCord)
  • GAY-STRAIGHT ALLIANCE CLUB (GSA): Student-run club that brings together LGBTQ and straight students to support each other, provide a safe place to socialize, and create a platform for activism to fight homophobia and transphobia. (Thomas)
  • GIRLS GROUP: This club is a safe place to talk about the big stuff at school and at home. (G. Lemon)
  • INSPIRATIONAL GROUP: Inspiration club is a club started by students who want this campus to feel safe, welcoming and friendly. Here you will work to improve the campus, help each other, and be role models by being friendly, welcoming and safe. Please grab your lunch and hurry over. We will meet every Friday during lunch. (G. Lemon)
  • LATINOS UNIDOS CLUB: To educate and raise college awareness among Latino students. The Latinos Unidos Club will also have activities for students to explore their diverse identities and take pride on who they are and their respective cultures. Latinos Unidos will meet their purpose through community partnerships, conferences, fieldtrips, and leadership camps. (Prado)
  • LEADERSHIP: We will work on student government, assemblies for the school, participate in student voice and work on Service Learning and Community Service. They will participate in fundraising and activities after school. (Bishop)
  • NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY CLUB (NHS): Students will meet during lunch to work on National Honor Society outcomes and do fundraising, initiation and induction ceremonies. (Bishop)
  • NESIAN LEGACY CLUB: Learning and celebrating history, heritage and culture of the Pacific Islanders (Polynesian, Micronesian, Melanesian). (Clayton/Valu)
  • STEALTH PRODUCTION THEATER CLUB: Club members will play games, sing, act, learn about props, costumes, makeup, lighting and performance. (Nelthropp/Malcolm/G. Lemon)
  • TECHBRIDGE: Techbridge is a program for girls to encourage them to pursue Science, Technology and Engineering. We will take fieldtrips to tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. (Kaur)
  • TYEE CYCLING: A club to get youth to embrace cycling. They learn skills around safety and bike maintenance. Cascade.org supplies the bikes and the ride advocate who leads the discussions and rides. (Setter)
  • UPOWER: Want to get fit? Doing Independent PE? Have nothing to do after school? Just plain like working out?! Come to UPower! Activities vary based on what YOU want that day! (Cass)
  • WILDERNESS SURVIAL CLUB: Practice team building, boot camp style physical fitness, map reading, camouflage, first aid and self-defense classes. We culminate each year with an awesome camping trip. (Johnson)
  • YAG (YOUTH AND GOVERNMENT): A YMCA organization that develops civic responsibility and awareness in high school students across Washington State. In YAG you will learn to about how to make a law, write legislation, and debate. (Brewer)
  • YEARBOOK CLUB: The club works together to create the annual school yearbook. Members learn how to use photography cameras and are assigned to take photographs of events around the school. Students also learn to use professional software to design and layout the publication. (Setter)

See Larissa (Karly's sub) in the 500 building


The priority deadline for Financial Aid Applications (FAFSA/ WASFA) is January 31st! Apply before the deadline to guarantee funds for college! The College & Career Center is open daily until 4pm to help students!

Summer Search Info Session
(ACE 10th graders)
Wednesday, 1/11 during advisory in the library! Come learn about a program that will support your dream of going to college and give you opportunities for amazing summer experiences!

View our updated internship list at: www.highlineschools.org/career

There is a lost & found box in the 500 building office. Come during lunch to see if your item was turned in.

When you are absent from school, please bring to Ms. Emily in the 500 building office, a written note with your parent/guardian’s signature stating the reason and day(s) of your absence. Your unexcused absence will turn into an excused absence. If you are leaving school/campus early, please sign out in the 500 building office with your parent/guardian or bring a signed note from your parent/guardian stating when you can leave campus and why.

“Vacation” is considered an “unexcused” absence. If you are planning a vacation or an extended weekend trip, you will need to complete a PRE-ARRANGED ABSENCE FORM and turn it in to Ms. Emily in the 500 building office, at least 1 week prior to the vacation. You need Principal approval before leaving.

Purchase your ASB with the Bookkeeper in the 500 building main office. Bring your Student ID Card.

Online Registration Only. Access website & information at the Highline Public Schools Athletics page http://highlineschools.org/Page/147. Please see Justin Kesterson in the 500 building main office with questions/concerns.