• The Highline School District formed a College Career Readiness Committee (CCRC) that is comprised of central office staff, building administrators, teachers and counselors.  The CCRC is charged with making a recommendation to the Superintendent and Cabinet on strategies and practices needed for ensuring all students, beginning with the class of 2021, successfully complete the state required 24 credits.  

    The CCRC is studying several pieces of information and data to inform their work.  They are reviewing information gathered through the online ThoughtExchange in the spring of 2016 that included, staff, students, families as well as reviewing information from two community work sessions held in the spring of 2016.  

    The CCRC meets twice a month.  Please visit the Meetings and Updates section for updates on the committee's work and progress.  

    Members of the committee are:

    Susanne Jerde, Chief Academic Officer

    Teshon Christie, Executive Director, Digital Information & Management

    Bernard Koontz, Executive Director, Teacher Development & Language Learning

    Deborah Rumbaugh, Executive Director, Human Resources

    Chance Gower, Director, Career and Technical Education

    Ben Gauyan, Instructional Leadership Executive Director

    Holly Ferguson, Chief Policy & Strategy Officer

    Vicki Fisher, Principal, Highline High School

    Paul Records, Assistant Principal, Mount Rainier High School

    Philip Willenbrock, Assistant Principal, ACE High School, Tyee Campus

    Gina Fiorito, Counselor, Mount Rainier High School

    Maile Valu, Counselor, ACE High School, Tyee Campus

    Richard Coker, Teacher, TEC High School, Evergreen Campus

    Sue McCabe, HEA President