I am a Teacher. I am a Learner.
We are successful at Des Moines.

At Des Moines Elementary, we value each of the roles within our community. We view students, families, teachers, and staff as integral components to ongoing success. We see every member of our community as having something to offer, something to gain, and many ways to demonstrate success.

At Des Moines Elementary, we believe that every adult and every child is a TEACHER:
- We all have talents, skills, and expertise to offer.
- We all have unique perspectives to share.

At Des Moines Elementary, we believe that every adult and every child is a LEARNER:
- We identify areas for development.
- We honor mistakes as a step in the learning process.
- We nurture curiosity.
- We create a safe environment for transparent learning and risk taking.

At Des Moines Elementary, we believe that SUCCESS can be measured in many ways:
- By progress toward standards, and also by growth.
- As a group, and also as an individual.
- By outcomes, and also by attitude.


October 26, 2016Rick Wisen, Principal
Dear Families,

Highline has an important bond measure on the November 8 ballot: Highline Public Schools Proposition 1.  This bond measure is part of a long-range facilities plan developed by a citizen’s committee. The bond will make safety improvements to all schools, ease overcrowding in elementary schools, and add classrooms so we can reduce class sizes in grades K-3. 


The bond proposal “What’s in store “for our school, Des Moines Elementary:

  • New school building 
  • Ease overcrowding and lower class sizes 
  • Upgrade security system and cameras 
  • Electronic door locks for every classroom

Learn more about the bond in this video and on our website at highlineschools.org/bond.

There is a long list of races in this election, and you will find the bond measure near the end of the ballot. The bond requires 60% approval to pass, so please remember to vote and return your ballot by November 8.




Rick Wisen

Des Moines Elementary Principal


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